26 February, 2024
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Delhi to Haridwar Taxi

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What is the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Delhi to Haridwar?

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Delhi to Haridwar Cab Service Fares


Vehicle Fare Book Online
Hatchback From Rs. 2699* Book Now
Sedan From Rs. 2799* Book Now
SUV / MUV From Rs. 3599* Book Now

Included Distance:- 220km

Additional Fare after 220 km limit :-

* :- Oneway cab booking fares given above for Delhi to Haridwar exclude driver allowance, state tax, toll tax and parking charges. Click here for Terms & Conditions.


Vehicle Fare Book Online
Hatchback From Rs. 9/km Book Now
Sedan From Rs. 10/km Book Now
SUV / MUV From Rs. 13/km Book Now
Tempo Traveller From Rs. 20/km Book Now

Minimum drive limit/day:- 250km

Excludes:- Toll Fees, State Tax, Parking Charges, Driver Allowance

Important Terms & Conditions :-

What to expect when you travel to Haridwar from Delhi?

Haridwar - The Holy City in Uttarakhand (which is situated in North India) - is dotted with numerous venerated sacred temples, pilgrimage sites, religious places and witnesses Aartis and Religious ceremonies that pull pilgrims, devotees and spiritual seekers from everywhere. As one of the most popular tourist destinations as well as pilgrim destinations and due to its close proximity from Delhi, Haridwar, which is 220 kms (137 miles) from Delhi can be reached via road by our taxi service - which is also one of the best ways to travel to Haridwar from Delhi.

When you choose YebCab, you are offered a unique opportunity to discover and unravel uncharted tourist places en-route that you may have never seen before. And with this, you get an affordable, safe and convenient taxi service, be it for self, family or friends.

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How long does it take to drive from Delhi to Haridwar?

Distance between Delhi and Haridwar is 220 km or 137 miles by road. It takes close to five hours to travel by cab under normal conditions. It is advisable to not opt for a self-drive method especially for long distance travelling in India since one is not familiar with the routes and local language. Hence, the best way is to choose a stress-free, hassle-free and tension-free travel method – hiring a YepCab car with your personal driver who will also ensure your safety and convenience.

The NH58 that takes you from Delhi to Haridwar has well-maintained roads and highway eating joints with public conveniences. Since cab service is one of the best and cheapest options of traveling to the Holy City of Haridwar from capital city of Delhi, one can only look forward to a comfortable, safe and enjoyable trip.

Taxi Fares by YepCab is typically lower than other taxi services. There is the non-air conditioned taxi service to air-conditioned taxi service to choose from. If you're traveling overnight, additional charges may apply, but it's worth paying the extra buck if safety and comfort are your priorities.

When is the best time to travel to Haridwar from Delhi?

The route to Haridwar from Delhi is at times covered in dense fog or mist, especially during the winter season (December – January). This normally occurs throughout the winters and sometime in spring (which is a rare occasion and highly dependent on the current climatic conditions). This can, however, disrupt your travel plans, but with YepCab taxi service, you can toss this worry aside. Be it dense fog, misty routes or not-so-great bumpy roads, YebCab drivers are trained to handle all situations with the assurance that your safety and comfort remain of utmost priority.

If a crowded situation is not your thing, it is highly recommended to visit Haridwar during off religious and pilgrimage seasons and especially during festivals like the famous Kumbh Mela (which is the biggest religious festival celebrated in India once every 12 years during March-April) as well as Kanwar Mela and the festival of Holi to mention a few (Read more about festivals in Haridwar).

It is during such religious, pilgrimage and festive occasions that Haridwar receives an unending influx of local and international tourists, and hence, you should choose the best time to visit, experience and explore Haridwar through your own lens as per your needs and comfort.

Things to do in Haridwar?

for an ancient, spiritual, adventurous, leisure trip or a weekend getaway, nearby excursion from Delhi? Haridwar is the tourist destination to head to.

Haridwar is an ancient city that lies along ghats of Har-Ki-Pauri; a sacred river where many ceremonies and festivals are celebrated on its ghats.

One of the best sights to view in Haridwar is the grand ‘Ganga Aarti’, ceremony organised every evening along the ghats that accompanies diyas and offerings of flowers and worship (puja) items.

The entire Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat is lit up with diyas and the aarti lights that lends an utmost spiritual, surreal and comfortable aura. When devotees float their diyas as offerings on the waters of this river, it looks as if the Gods themselves are showering their divine blessings on everyone and the entire place alike.

There is a quintessential Hindu Temple that overlooks the city of Haridwar called ‘Shri Mata Mansa Devi Mandir’ which sits atop, on the peak of Sivalik Hills (this is on the outer area of the Himalayas) that one can visit to view or offer prayers.

For a more enlightening spiritual and sightseeing experience, visit Bharat Mata Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple and Daksheshwar Mahadev. There are many others too.

Why Choose YepCab?

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