10 December, 2023
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Delhi to Shimla Taxi

A drive from Delhi to Shimla in 2020-21 made safe and comfortable with YepCab!

What is the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Delhi to Shimla?

The 'Winter Capital' of Northern India, Shimla is just a drive away from the capital city of Delhi. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills, Simla is considered as one of the most popular hill station destinations in India. This hill station invites everyone for that leisure or adventure break all-year-round. With YepCab, one can be sure of an experience through the greens and scenic beauty as you drive along the winding roads to Shimla from Delhi.

Choose from a range of YebCab taxi services from Delhi to Shimla, oneway or a return journey. We have one of the lowest taxi fares to choose from and even have mid-range taxi fares and luxury taxi fares to offer for those who can afford – we have taxi services that fit all budgets!

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Delhi to Shimla Cab Fares


Taxi Type Fare Book Online
Hatchback From Rs. 4299* Book Now
Sedan From Rs. 4599* Book Now
SUV / MUV From Rs. 5799* Book Now

Included Distance:- 340km

Additional Fare after 340 km limit :-

Important Note* :- Oneway cab booking fares (see above) for Delhi to Shimla exclude driver allowance, state tax, toll tax and parking charges.These prices are excluding driver allowance, state tax, toll tax and parking charges. For detailed terms & conditions, click here.


Cab Type Fare Book Online
Hatchback From Rs. 9/km Book Now
Sedan From Rs. 10/km Book Now
SUV / MUV From Rs. 13/km Book Now
Tempo Traveller From Rs. 20/km Book Now

Minimum drive limit/day:- 250km

Excludes:- Toll Fees, State Tax, Parking Charges, Driver Allowance

Important Terms & Conditions :-

What to expect when you travel to Shimla from Delhi?

Distance between Delhi and Shimla is a little over 342 km. Shimla can be reached via NH44 and NH5. The route takes you from Delhi via NH9 - NH44 – Chandigarh Expressway – NH152 – NH5 / NH7 – NH205 - Chaura Maidan Road – Mall Road - Kali Bari Road – Shimla. Despite the distance, the journey promises to offer a more comfortable and pleasing experience.

The Delhi-Shimla route has numerous eating joints that one can stop by for a good scrumptious meal or snacks. These restaurants offer a great place and environ to make a pit-stop, relax and take a break during long journeys.

Discover a scenic drive through the mountains of Shimla in a YebCab from Delhi to Shimla. Our drivers as friendly, verified, reliable and acquainted with all facets of hill stations in India and we are sure you will have a fair share of stories to exchange with each other. This plus YebCab, and you get an affordable, safe and convenient taxi service for self, with family or friends.

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How long does it take to drive from Delhi to Shimla?

There is just one route by which one can reach Shimla from Delhi;

Driving on your own can be the most unsafe and stressful option for travel. It is thus advisable to not opt for a self-drive service especially for long distance travelling in India since one is not familiar with the routes, the driving laws (state and country) and especially the local language. We highly recommended that you book a trip with YepCab from Delhi to Shimla and/or back for a comfortable trip experience.

Our drivers are familiar the driving laws of the state, hill stations and India and hence, you are assured of a stress-free trip. Hiring a YepCab will also ensure your safety and convenience. Moreover, since cab service is one of the best and cheapest options to travel to Shimla from capital city of Delhi, one can only look forward to a comfortable, safe and enjoyable trip.

Taxi Fares by YepCab is typically lower than other taxi services. There is the non-air conditioned taxi service to air-conditioned taxi service to choose from. If you're traveling overnight, additional charges may apply, but it's worth paying the extra buck if safety and comfort are your priorities.

When is the best time to travel to Shimla from Delhi?

When driving from Delhi to Shimla, one can expect fog or mist, especially during the winter season (December - January) given that it’s a hilly terrain. This can, however, disrupt your travel plans, but with YepCab taxi service, you can toss all worries aside. Be it dense fog or mist-laden roads, YebCab drivers are trained to handle all situations with the assurance that your safety and comfort remain of utmost priority.

Hill stations often get crowded during the summers as locals flock to the mountains to get respite from the scorching summer heat of the plains. Moreover, Shimla is blessed with the best weather all-season. It has numerous places to visit and tourist attractions that pulls people to its abode. Shimla, being in close proximity to Delhi, offers the perfect hill station getaway atop the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It also serves as a perfect weekend getaway with friends or family. It is recommended to avoid traveling during monsoons. It is also advisable that you choose the best time to visit Shimla, and experience and explore the hill station as per your needs and comfort.

Things to do in Shimla?

Known as the ‘Winter Capital of Northern India’, Shimla offers a perfect blend of leisure, adventure and spiritual trip. Nestled amid the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla is some 342 km north of the capital city of Delhi. It is among the most popular hill stations of India.

A former summer capital of the British during pre-independent India, and at present, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla has been truly honoured by the Gods with all the normal beauty that one can only dream of. It has beautiful cascading valleys, enveloped by green slopes and snow-topped mountains. The cool all-year-round weather with colonial structures makes Shimla the perfect destination to relax and unwind. The aura is almost surreal and totally different from other hill stations. Bulging at its creases due to ongoing developments, Shimla holds its frontier legacy, with fantastic British-style colonial structures. Among them are the impressive Viceregal Lodge, enchanting colonial-style lamp-posts made of iron and a pinch of the Anglo-Saxon culture that still lives through the names.

The Mall, stuffed with shops and diners, is the focal point of the town, and Scandal Point, which offers a glimpse into the previous Maharaja of Patiala's jaunts, offers a perspective of the distant snow-clad mountain tops.

The route to Shimla from Delhi is enveloped with the charms of a Himalayan countryside. There is a feeling of wistfulness about Shimla, with its old cottages and their gabled rooftops and colourful nurseries.

Delhi to Shimla taxi with a driver, YebCab is the best online vehicle rental gateway where you can book and hire a hatchback, sedan SUV, MUV or a Tempo Traveller.

Shimla is one of the most stunning hill stations to visit in North India, Shimla. Getting there by YepCabs is a breeze. You can explore tourist sites in Shimla and make memories for a lifetime. Benefit as much as you can from the en-route experience between Delhi to Shimla and begin your trip today by booking our YebCab service from Delhi.

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